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3 de julho de 2014
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Many of you must’ve desired to have some uncommon football artifact. Something like scarves, pins or escutcheons. Something that comes out of the pattern of the game. Well, famous player’s miniature make part of those different artifacts that we all will to have.

 In a very nice crescent in the last years, our friends from “SoccerStarz” had a little conversation with us about this branch of “minicraques”, besides telling us some curiosities about their collection.
 Take a look at the full interview:

1. The “minicraques”, how they are known in Brazil (Big Heads), became a fever in many places of the world. Corinthian produced player dolls for almost 20 years, when, unfortunately, it broke in 2011. How did the idea to produce soccerstarz come? 
The CEO of Corinthian was Mark Stinchcombe , who is now the Head of the Toy Division and in charge of SoccerStarz. We still use the same sculptors that made the Minicraques.

2. The first colection made by you was the Danish squad for the Euro 2012. Is there any special reason for starting the legacy with this international team? 
Creative Distribution has an associated company in Denmark and all the staff there are passionate about the Denmark soccer team.

3. Among uncountable players, what miniature is the favorite and which one is the toughest to produce? What kind of material is used in the toys confection? 

The favourite 3 Soccerstarz are Cristiano Ronaldo. Lionel Messi and Neymar. The most difficult to make…Willian: his hair is too big to come out of the mould. Soccerstarz are moulded in non-phthalate PVC and hand-painted. 
Some “minicraques” could be to much expensive

4. Looking at the job of you, it is practically impossible to not think the product looks like the player. Although, any player have already complained about the dissimilarity of the toy and himself? 
Most players love their sculpts, the problem comes when a player changes his hairstyle and wants us to change his Soccerstarz. This year we have had to re-sculpt Gareth Bale and Lionel Messi for exactly this reason.

5. The “Big Heads” already made/make a huge success in Brazil. In 1997, Corinthian, in a partnership with Gulliver (brazilian toys company) created a colection with 10 players from some national major clubs. In 1998, (colection with the biggest success), Coca-Cola, in World Cup times, sold dolls with Brazil jersey. Em 2007, Corinthian sold microstars in some places of the country. In 2014, soccerstarz of the Brazil’s national team and some sort of european clubs were sold in newsstands, department stores, toy stores, and other establishments. Even so, the product didn’t have a big divulgation on the TV channels and, for the majority of the people, R$ 14,90 was considered a high price. What did motivate the interruption of the sale in Brazil? The bad performance in the World Cup 2014 can be considerated one of the greatest factores? Is there any plan to come back to the brazilian market by way of the clubs?

Brazil losing to Germany made Brazilians fall out of love with the team and until that changes Creative has no plans for Brazil however this could all change if the Brazilian team does well in the Olympics in Brazil. 
The last relationship with brazilians?

6. One of the main characteristic of the soccerstarz is on the base colour. Does the touchstone of this is pure random? If it’s not, what is the difference among the green, red, white, blue, silver, golden, black, bronze and orange bases?
If you look at our web site you will see that some base colours are rarer than others. This just adds to the fun of collecting the players in blind bags. The rarest colour base is black and these black bases sell for high prices on E-Bay.

7. For the Euro 2016, you made a partnership with Panini and released 24 soccerstarz, one player for each nation in the competition. In UK, soccerstarz come with a special sticker pack form the Euro’s album. Do you have plans to keep this partnership for the World Cup 2018?

R:  We enjoyed working with Panini but we have not had any discussions about how we can work together in the future.

8. Surely, the biggest surprise of the season was Leicester City conquer the Premier League. By the way, there was, on your Facebook’s page, an art congratulating the team. Do you have any prevision of when does this miniatures will be released? Beyond them, what are the new releases? 
We will be launching Leicester soon together with a limited edition Leicester team pack attached is our 2016/17 range which launches in August with a new Messi sculpt.
Visit the oficial site of SoccerStarz clicking here.

Colaboration: Luan Manick and Iuri Lins.
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