From Switzerland to the world – Tranquillo Barnetta
18 de fevereiro de 2015

One of the great Swiss wingers of the XXI century, Tranquillo Barnetta was featured in Germany, where played 260 Bundesliga matches in 11 seasons, for 4 different clubs. After the good campaigns at the beer country, the athlete accepted the challenge to go to MLS, playing for Philadelphia Union. With expressives 70 matches played for the national team, Barnetta gave an interview for Blog 4-3-3, telling about his histories at football, as well as his projects and new goals.

1 – We are a country who attract a lot of foreigners to know our cities. You went to Brazil with the Swiss National Team in 2014, for the World Cup. Was it your first time here? Did anything called your attention, in a good or bad way?

It was indeed my first time. Unfortunately we didn’t see a lot from the country itself as we spent the most of our time in hotels. But all the people have been so friendly and always in good mood – that’s what I really liked the most.

2 – Everybody knows, Europe is the football dream in the whole world. But how is to play on the US? They really are developing her players and her league as the world imagine? The national US team reflected the progress of the north American soccer?

Yes that’s true, the league and each team are developing every year. I’m definitely happy to be a part of this process.

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3 – You have double nationality (Swiss and Italian), Sometimes you though that you could have chosen Italy as national team ? Imagine, Word Cup Champion with Italy on 2006.

This was never an option for me. I grew up in Switzerland and therefore I’m more Swiss than Italian.

4 – Back then, our football league was full of top notch players, like Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Romário, Pelé, and those players made our football famous. How much do you know about our league and clubs? If it comes one opportunity to play here, would you go?

I don’t know a lot about the league as it’s hard to find any news in Europe. But of course I know all these players. I guess the Brazilian league is not an option for me as I like to end up my carrier in Switzerland.

Even with the italian nacionality, Tranquillo always wants to defend the Swiss National Team.

5 – We watched some Basel’s wonderful seasons lately. In what does switzwrland wants to be a football reference in Europe? Money? Interest? What do you think about it?

We don’t have the monetary opportunities like other countries. We have to continue the work to be one of the most attractive entry leagues for young players. I guess playing in Switzerland is a great opportunity for every young player for kicking off his carrier.

6 – Now a little joke, in the Brazil “Tranquilo” means a calm person. We have popular music here who says: “Tá tranquilo, tá favorável”. Tell us about your characteristics on and out the field, you are calm in general? 

In Italy Tranquillo means the same. I’m actually quite when I’m on the pitch, but on it I try everything for not being quite and slow.

7 – Off course, all the footballers plays for many years and them, retirement. Which are your plans for your life before your retirement? Something related to football?

I hope I can proceed playing for a couple of more years and after this, I’m definitely looking for something different. I guess I’m not gonna stay within the football business.

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8 – What was your reaction seeing Brazil, (considered the football’s country) being defeated by Germany in home for 7×1 on a Word Cup semifinals? Did you think that was an atypical match, or Germany deserves win like 
they won?

It was tough to watch, no Team deserves loosing this way and with this kind of score. That was a hard day for Brazil. But Germany deserved the title, they played a great tournament.

9 – USA is a big country with a largest territory like Brazil, how do the big travels affects in the tiredness and results on the field? Do you think (for this reason), that´s impossible to have a competition between South, Central and North America?

That’s hard and maybe the most essential change for all European players. Sometimes we’re flying 6 hours for an away game and are faced with a time difference of 3 hours. So the home team is quiet in advantage. Longer trips are not doable, so a competition with South America wouldn’t make any sense.

Tranquillo and you new challenge: the Philadelphia Union.

10 – Being a 30 years old athlete, what things have you done to keep your body healthy and prepared? What kind of things have changed on your body from ten or seven years past?

The regeneration takes more time and in the morning hours I require more time to start the practice. A couple of exercises in advance are helping me to get ready for the training.

11 – Do you want to say something to our readers back here in Brazil? 

I’ve really appreciated this interview, and from all 4-3-3 Team, we wish you good luck. All the best, my friends!

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